Hello, from the mamas at Raising Littles With Love

If you have been following the Raising Littles blog from the beginning you will have noticed a few changes that have happened around here. One of them being that we have went from one mama to many. If you ask me it was meant to be; it all happened so perfectly.

I (Josie) was beginning to feel overwhelmed with trying to keep up on blogging and photo collabs for Raising Littles With Love by myself and decided it was time I added some helping hands to my team. At the same time Gianna was offered a new job, and she was worried she wouldn’t have the time to dedicate to her blog Fern & Lavender. Through a post on Facebook we starting talking and realized that it would be beneficial to both of us to merge Fern & Lavender with Raising Littles With Love. Together we are able to share with you not only the Meet the Makers and Reviews from the Raising Littles, but also the Deals & Drops Schedule from Fern & Lavenders site and so much more.

Once we joined our blogs we had the small shop world covered, but Raising Littles was still lacking in blog posts about personal topics such as Parenting, Recipes, Life, DIY, etc. So the search continued for more writers to join the team. After receiving an abundance of inquiries, a few mamas whose voices stood out to us were chosen to join us in our journey. With our new team of writers we are now able to offer you more content and a variety of voices. If you hop on over to Our Team you can get to know each of the mamas contributing to our site and sharing their voices with the world.