Little Things…

I haven’t really written about my marriage before as I never quite knew what I could share about it, but recently I heard some advice and it has managed to make my already happy marriage even happier.


A couple weeks ago we were in Washington for my brother in laws wedding and a couple of days before the wedding they had a little coffee get together for the immediate family. At this get together we all shared our advice to the soon to be bride and groom on how to help keep your marriage strong and how to overcome some obstacles you may face. One of their uncles said something that stuck with both my husband and I and has improved our marriage and somehow made me love Brady even more.

”If you can put your spouse before yourself and love them in the right way, the love will be returned many fold.”

After he said that he explained that if you put in the smallest amount of effort to put your spouses needs before your own the love will almost automatically be returned in even greater amounts than you put forth. I have realized how true this is. I wish I could say I thought I was the one who put in the effort first, but I wasn’t. The next day after that gathering I noticed Brady doing little things that he knew I’d appreciate, getting me coffee, taking Addie out to lunch, just being more attentive and available to me. From just those little things he would do made my heart feel so much warmer and in return I wanted to take care of him in the same caring way. Like his uncle said, this feeling to want to please my husband and take care of him came automatically when he took the extra time and effort to put my needs before his own. Ever since that gathering it has somehow felt like my love has managed to multiply for my husband just from us paying a little more attention to the wants and needs of each other. I know it may seem obvious and you may already know this, but in our busy lives we forget this. We get so focused on taking care of ourselves and our children that sometimes we forget to take the time to focus on our other half. When we do though it is so rewarding.


I don’t know if what I’m saying even makes sense, but if it does I hope you take it into consideration. If you’re a wife, when your husband comes home from work have a nice dinner ready for him, ask about his day, get him a cup of coffee and I bet he will return the love and affection you are showing him. If your children (if you have any) are watching you and your spouse happily putting each other first, this is shining example to your children and teaches them to put others before themselves and to take care of each other.

P.S. Yes I think the only picture I have of Brady and I together is our wedding ones! I’ll trap into taking some pictures with me one of these days to share with you guys:)

Once again thanks for reading and check back in soon for another post❤️

Much love,