10 Things About Me - Sarah Roberts

Since I am new here and you don't know me yet I thought I would share 10 things about me with you. 9 of the things that makes me who I am today are my 8 (soon to be 9) children. I would love to introduce them to you and let you in on my journey through motherhood.

  1. Kayci Rose is 11 and she is the one that first made me a mother. She is stubborn and unapologetically messy. She loves hanging out with her friends and is a wonderful baker. She has a way with younger kids and babies that makes me proud to be her mother.

  2. Myla Abbi is going to be 10 and is the artist of the family. If she isn’t drawing pictures she will most definitely have her nose in a book. She is a clean freak, but in a way she is also disorganized and can never find anything. She is slower at making friends than her older sister, but holds the friendships she does have very close.

  3. Jonah Wesley is 8 years old and is very shy and reserved. He loves big machinery, four-wheeling, riding bikes, and playing catch. He is another one of my fellow book worms and would read for hours on end.

  4. Sabrina Lynn is just about 7 and can entertain us for hours with her jokes and stories. Her grandpa gave her the nickname Leonard because of her personality and her middle name is lynn, which she isn’t shy to tell someone either. As quirky as she can be she also has a very soft side and always seems to know when someone needs a hug.

  5. Natalie Renea is 5 and has always been the one to keep us on our toes. She has always been full of surprises even in her labor and delivery which is another story I can’t wait to share with you. She is usually found at the table coloring and is always willing to learn something new. Even though she loves  her dresses, shoes, and anything girly girl she isn’t afraid to go out and get dirty.

  6. Leah Nicole is 4 years old and is the little spitfire of the family. We could go back and forth for hours arguing if I don’t pick out the right outfit. We even have fits over her socks and undies if they are not what she’d like. Even though she is vocal around me, she is one of my more reserved children and loves her sleep, playing babies and barbies by herself for hours, and going to preschool.

  7. Audra Kate is 3 years old and she is very in tune with our new baby on the way. She is always amazed with feeling and watching her move and kick and isn’t afraid to come up and ask if she can feel baby.  She is a social butterfly, isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks of something and wishes with all her might she could go to preschool.

  8. Cameron Roy is 14 months and 100% boy to the core. He loves being outside, playing catch, and driving anything that has a steering wheel. He is a very smiley baby and will giggle and flirt with the ladies. He loves to shower, which is handy with his love for the dirt, but he never wants to get out.

  9. As I was driving yesterday afternoon and feeling baby #9 move around this thought came to mind. When a woman welcomes a baby into this world she becomes a mother and the feeling she has in that moment is like nothing else in this world. Even though I have given birth to 8 other children I know I will get to experience that feeling again when this little one arrives. This pregnancy has had its challenges, but I am thankful that I can still take care of my family.

  10. As for me I am 32 years old and the oldest out of six siblings. I grew up around Spearfish, South Dakota and lived around there until a year and a half ago. My husband got a job offer on the eastern side of south dakota and we moved our family to a little town called Willow Lake. I am a distributor with young living essential oils, love to read books, and always have more projects going then I can manage. I love my cup of coffee in the mornings and I am a night owl.

  I hope that you have enjoyed learning about us and I hope you will enjoy learning about my journey as a mother.



Here are my eight children! Try guess who is who! 

Here are my eight children! Try guess who is who!