Pookifont - Meet the Maker

 Pookifont - Meet the Maker

I’m so pleased that I was able to do a collaboration and interview with Molli, the maker behind Pookifont. She does such beautiful work and has so much to offer. Her unique style is something you don’t want to miss out on. My favorite part is she is always willing to do custom orders and try new things.


Tell me about you and what inspired you to start your small business?

Oh, I am Molli, age 23, married 3 years to an amazingly supportive and goofy guy with no kids yet. I work part time as a barista at Starbucks and part time from home pursuing my goals of this small business  life I never knew existed. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been a fan of anything art related. I loved taking art classes, I loved baking, I loved coloring, I loved scrapbooking and redoing furniture (which only lasted a little bit). I especially always had this itch where I wanted to doodle and write things all the time. Then a couple years ago I found my answer-calligraphy! I have always been obsessed with unique and cutely designed things. Such as notebooks, pens, pencils, pouches, paper crafts, any and all stationary, magnets, you get the drift. A few years ago I started making signs, cards, and calendars for Christmas bazaars. For each of the past 3 years I’ve made a monthly calendars with different themes and pictures. And those were quickly becoming a favorite project along with cards.


I’ve always had the thought that an etsy account would be fun but it always ended at that because of the number one enemy: FEAR. In February 2019 a friend had asked why don’t you do Etsy ? soon I didn’t have any other excuses and all of a sudden I thought, you know what I may as well. Just like that, before another doubt crossed my mind I started an account, added pictures of projects I did and I haven’t regretted it since. It’s been SO fun growing and finding multiple projects I enjoy doing that I would have never had an opportunity to do if I didn’t start up my business.


What are some challenges you faced when creating your business?

I suffer with anxiety, so every once in a while I have a day where I don’t want anything to do with Pookifont anymore. I have no motivation for projects, I think this is when I’ll fail. I just sit in the couch and drown in thoughts until I’m able to remind myself: “this is just anxiety speaking, tomorrow will be a new and better day and you’ll be excited all over again about the projects you have on your to do list!”. I remind myself that maybe on those days is when I need to take ME TIME. Which is VERY important when owning a business...I can’t stress that enough! I have a hard time saying no when I have too much on my plate because I’m so scared I’ll lose potential clients! I tend to take on all the projects and they do get done, but I end up stressing myself out and thinking after the fact “if I had just a little more time I could have probably made that look better “.

What inspires the creativity that goes into each product?

I leave room in my schedule to come up with new ideas every once In a while. Whether I Pinterest or just think and doodle my thoughts on paper. Friends and customers will come to me often with ideas which i absolutely love that they can trust me. I’ll take their ideas a lot of times and see what I can create and bring to life!

One example, a friend came to me and said “ I need an Alaska map for when friends come to visit and I can explain to them where and what the cool attractions are!” And I was like, “yes! This sounds like such a fun challenge!” She sent a list of towns, a list of cool things, and a few animals, and pictures she wanted doodled, saying “ use your creativity! I love your style!” I went to  town and the outcome was awesome and of course I had a BLAST.


What business goals do you have for the upcoming years?

I recently got surprised by an iPad Pro from my awesome husband to better my calligraphy in digital files so I can add it to all the things. Like I want to add my stuff to aaaalllllll the things! Phone cases, bags, pouches, notebooks, tee shirts, coloring books, notepads, you name it! Also I’d love to be involved in weddings more often! Such as making invitations and writing placecards for bridal tables.

Oh and yes! BABY ANNOUNCEMENTS! So many ideas. I just have to take things one step at a time and slowly reach my goals.


What’s your favorite product that you offer?

Favorite product, good question! It’s hard because I love each and every project I do since they might be the same thing, however each one is different because of custom tweaks I add to each one! I do have to say though I that it’s been pretty awesome that my design was printed on a tee shirt and purchased by multiple people. Nursery items are what I would like moms to come to me for more of! I love making a milestone blanket because writing each different , unique name on them and then getting to see a baby face to the name when they get pictures with the blanket is so fun!


How do you maintain a healthy balance between work and home/family life?

I like to remind my customers/clients/friends often that if there order every comes a little late it’s because I have wife duties that are foremost important. In order to keep a healthy marriage and personal life I have to know when a good time for a project is and when a time wouldn’t be best to work on projects. When I’m with family I usually try to not think about my projects I have to do so I can be present and enjoy the family time.


I’m so thrilled that I got the opportunity to know more about Molli as well as her business. Her creativity and honesty of the struggles of being a small shop owner is absolutely inspiring. I hope you all enjoy this blog as much as I enjoyed writing and hearing it. You can find her on Instagram at pooki.font and on Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/pookifont?ref