Parenting and Self Care

Exhausted? Wishful? Down in the dumps?

This week as a mother and as a human I have been feeling many emotions and thoughts that get the best of me, I think us mothers try to do our best and are always thinking of what more we can do or what we are not doing enough of.

I recently had to make a list of things to remind myself of daily and would like to share that with other mamas who know that things often get hard and challenging. Every morning we wake up to our day and jump into the same routine of the same thing with the same mindset even if we tell ourselves we are going to make it different.

It’s important to follow through with making changes in positive direction. It is also an example to your children. Remember they are always watching and learning.

Start your day with telling yourself or writing down

-3 things you are thankful for

-One positive thing about yourself

-One thing you will change, no matter how big or small.


Remember to REST. We get so caught up and so set on a clean house, and all things us mothers do but just take an hour to rest and reboot when you feel it’s needed.

Treat yourself. With or without cost! Go grab a coffee, take time to do your hair “perfect” for once, for me my treat is just being able to take a 15 min drive alone, go sit outside and take in the fresh air, or simply anything that brings you joy.

Always remember, you are NOT perfect, and you don’t HAVE to be perfect. Life is not perfect but we have the ability to make it well and comfortable.

Remember messes will always be there to clean up the next day, your children are awaiting to mess it again the second it’s clean and you relax.

Remember as a mother, in order to fulfill a happy home we need to be happy too!


You ARE worth it. You ARE enough. You ARE strong. You ARE human. You ARE doing the best that you can.



Today I was running errands after a long day at work and I had my 14 month old son with me in the phone store trying to chase him around and get a new phone. As I was waiting on this to upload I was watching out the window where I saw a mother with her infant car seat in one arm and her near 3 year old in the other walking out of the store next to us. The 3 year old screaming and throwing a tantrum, and the infant crying. I watched her patiently put the infant in her car and as she went to put her son in he started kicking her and flopping himself all over. I then watched this mothers patience run out. She went to give him a swat and hit the seat instead leaned in buckled him, kissed him and shut the door. As she got in the drivers seat she broke, sobbing and frustrated. My reason for telling this story is in that moment I saw an amazing mother, someone who chose love. I saw that I’m not the only mother that feels this way on occasion, a mother that sometimes feels she can’t do it anymore. These feelings are so natural and so scary. It reminded me that I to need to replace frustration with love.

Do yourself a favor mama,

Before you settle tonight please hug your child/children, love on them before they go to sleep, for they are precious and although your day was long and stressful and you may have gotten impatient, they forgive and forget the easiest and will love you just as much every morning for the rest of your life.