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This week I’ve just been struggling as a mom, at work, at home and the biggest struggle is staying on my lifestyle diet and minimal exercise.

With multiple health problems that jumped out in front of me like a train going 60mph into a concrete wall I have had to change my entire diet and make it a complete lifestyle change.


It has been so difficult. Exhausting mentally and emotionally, not to mention the extreme cravings I’m having for all the things I cannot/should not have.

On to my point, I feel like as mothers it feels like we already have so much on our plate that we worry about day in and day out, that we (or maybe just me) get lazy about food, or “dieting” or in some cases like me lifestyle changes. Some nights I feel so drained I literally want to sit in my recliner with a tub of ice cream, a bag of KitKats, chips, or a yummy hot cup of creamer, whip cream, caramel sauce with a little splash of coffee.

Mamas am I the only one? Give me some feed back. What’s your struggle in healthy living? What would help you in continuing a healthy lifestyle with no exceptions and no cheats? Sounds crazy right?

From doing this a multitude of times and questioning why every time I turn back to gorging in junk food I sat and decided to really think deeply about it, to write down what bothers me, what I’m craving and the write down healthy substitutes for those that are not a whole lot different.

If your wondering what kind of “diet” I’m doing it’s a cross between paleo and the Whole Life challenge (lifestyle level) where I am gluten, dairy (except butter, Greek yogurt, Keifer, goat cheese and cottage cheese) and processed or added sugar free. I know, sounds super difficult and super GROSS. Being someone who loves all the unhealthy foods and drinks I can tell you I love this program and as hard as it has been to restart I have come to enjoy it, and found things that can be a great treat, rather than having a donut or four.

I want to give you a few little peeks into my lifestyle and substitutes.

Craving something sweet and “sugary”?

Apple dip

Half tub Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt

1tsp cinnamon

1/2tsp vanilla

1/4 jar of natural peanut butter (I use 1/2 cup)

2 tbsp almond butter

Cut up some apples and it’s delicious!!!!


Yummy creamer with a little coffee.

2tbsp coconut milk creamer (unflavored)

1-2 tbsp 100% pure maple syrup or maple butter

Homemade coconut whip made with stevia or swerve.

Super yum iced or hot!


Go to quick meal

Um of course breakfast for dinner!

I just know as a mother it’s hard to stay on top of ourselves and our health especially when we are focusing all of our time on our little ones and trying to keep them healthy and satisfied. Even when things are crazy we can’t forget to take care of ourselves!

Biggest part of my motivation to keep pushing through, is people acknowledging my weight loss or overall health and attitude. As I was walking into work today, and my two coworkers asked if I had weighed myself lately and I responded “no” they both said “Cortney you need to! You look awesome and I can tell your losing weight and look more alive!” It made me feel so great about myself and to keep pushing.

If you have question or are curious what the whole life challenge is check out their page and join me on the next challenge!


Also guess what this mama got in the mail today!

Sooo in love! 


Thanks again Pookifont!!! Don’t forget to check her out on Instagram and on one of my previous posts!