Deyton James Birth Story

This month i am given an opportunity to share on our blogs Birth Story Series, this is such a wonderful, exciting and emotional experience that I’m so ready to share and let you see into those moments of my life and as a mother. These are such personal, emotional and beautiful moments as mothers.

I’ll never forget the day I found those pink lines. It was a difficult moment in my life, things were not where I had intended for them to be nor was I anywhere close to being ready to have a baby. December of 2016 was a crazy month for me between graduating from college, my best friends wedding, and of course finding those little pink line on not one but five tests along with an ER visit cause I couldn’t quite believe what was happening especially because a few years prior I was told that my chances of having a baby were very slim to none due to PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

Once I had built up the courage to talk to my mom I had set my first OB appointment and asked her to come along for support due to it being a very difficult moment in life for me. I had a mass of emotions that were all over the board but mostly scared. In my appointment they said some things looked a little off along side that I was having severe cramping and they wanted to get some blood work done to make sure that things were looking fine. The following day they called me with results and let me know that my hormone levels were dangerously low and at that point I only had 20% chance of carrying through with my pregnancy but just in case would put me on progesterone to hopefully help raise my hormone levels. In the mean time to take it easy and we would have check ups every 2 weeks until I was 14 weeks. Those were the longest 8 weeks of my life not knowing whether I would carry this baby to full term on not have the chance. I finally reached my safe zone and felt so relieved! Then the count down 3 more weeks until I knew the sex of my sweet baby boy.


At 28 weeks I still had not gotten over my spout of morning sickness and was almost positive I was going to have it through my entire pregnancy and that I did. To top it off I began itching, so severely my hands, feet, calves, back and shoulder areas were covered in scabs and completely raw. The only other relief was for me to stand in a freezing cold shower. Being concerned with how bad it was getting I made an appointment and my OB asked for labs. When the results came back it indicated ICP - Intrahepatic Choleostasis of Pregnancy. My liver and gallbladder were shutting down and no longer processing the bile in my body, therefore putting it into my bloodstream and sending it into my sweet unborn baby. With ICP the chances of having a stillborn are increased the further along in the pregnancy you are. My OB had set for me to be induced at 38 weeks and for the next 4 weeks come in twice a month and weekly for the remainder of my pregnancy. Starting around 30 weeks my body started to go into pre term labor, they would hold me in the hospital over night to monitor and things would settle. This was happening at least once a week. My symptoms started to increase and I became more miserable. I was 37 weeks when my OB decided to induce me.

I was ready and waiting to see my sweet boy, and to be semi comfortable again. They started my Pitocin at a 6 and gave me misoprostol to soften my cervix every 4 hours. After 8 hours they raised the pitocin to a 12 because I was not progressing enough. They gave me my first epidural at 10 hours thank goodness because labor was unbearable at this point. Then soon pitocin was at a 16 and I was not dilating past a 5 and baby was posterior. At 18 hours all the pain came back and this was due to the epidural slipping out of place. They came in to do get another. I was able to get a little rest in between them trying to turn baby every hour and massage me to hopefully get me to dialate a little more. At 23 hours of labor I was so physically and emotionally exhausted and felt as though I couldn’t take another minute. That’s when my OB came in and let me know that I could continue naturally but if I didn’t progress within the hour they would have to do an emergency C-Section because of the stress on baby, or I could agree to one now and have the ability to get comfortable before surgery.


I agreed to a C-Section with many tears, so much fear, and knowing that I didn’t want this especially on my first birth. I had to continually remind myself that it was for the benefit of baby and myself at this point. I don’t remember a whole lot after that due to medication and complete exhaustion. I’m just so thankful I had my mom there by my side through every step.

At 10:59pm on August 4th, 2017 Deyton James Wilson was born at 6lbs 14oz and 23inches long.



 One of the hardest thing throughout all of this was doing without my dad there too. My dad past away 2 years before I had my son. I do know though he was watching from above with so much love.