Demi Anne’s Birth Story

Last night I shared the story of the birth of our oldest daughter Addie. She was born May 4, 2017 and nine months later we found out we were expecting baby #2.  


It was in January of 2018 when we found out my mom had stage 3 breast cancer. My period was late, but life was a little overwhelming and I wasn’t quite ready to take a pregnancy test. So 3 weeks later in the end of February I finally decided to take the test. Unsurprisingly the test came back positive, and at this point I was adjusting to my mom having cancer and her starting her chemo therapy, so we were excited to have another little angel. I called my doctor and they scheduled my 9 week appointment. A couple weeks later I went to the doctor for the routine visit and the ultrasound. As I was  laying on the bed getting my ultrasound done I could tell the technician was very concerned, but she wasn’t saying anything. She kept moving all around my stomach searching for something. Finally at the end of my appointment she told me there was no heart beat.


My baby had possibly died or I was way behind what we thought I was based on my period. I needed to come back in a week for another ultrasound and if I  passed the fetus just call and let my doctor know. I walked out the office and got in my car and bawled. I called my husband and told him what I had just found out. On top of my mom having cancer I thought I had lost my baby- what a great year it was turning out to be. 

The following week I went to my appointment. My mom came with me as she herself had had a miscarriage and said it’s awful to get the bad news alone so she was going to be my moral support. They started the ultrasound and then I saw it on the screen, the little ups and downs of a heart beat! I was so happy I wanted to cry, I had convinced myself that I would be okay if I lost the baby so it was like finding out I was pregnant all over again. They guessed I was about 6 weeks along putting me about 4 weeks behind my estimated due date. My new due date was November 11th. The rest of my first trimester went fabulously compared to Addie’s. I was nauseous a lot, but only threw up one time (and I’m pretty sure it was because I had a stomach bug). 

After I hit 15 weeks the nausea went away and I could hardly tell I was pregnant. I hadn’t gained any weight yet up to this point and my doctor was telling me to eat more as I was underweight for how far along I was. It was quite odd as with Addie I was never insecure of my body or felt overweight even though I had gained much more with her. With Demi I was insecure with my body and felt unhappy with my body most of my second trimester. My whole life I had been confident in my body and didn’t care what people thought. What I think caused my insecurity and anxiety was my pregnancy was going so fabulous so I didn’t “feel” pregnant and was just gaining weight. With Addie I had been so so sick that every minute I was reminded I was pregnant and there was a reason for the weight gain. Finally once I had the tight round belly of the third trimester it made it easier to deal with.  


Around 28 weeks my doctor Kathy started the blood draws for ICP (Intrahepatic Choleostasis of Pregnancy) and was monitoring me for preterm labor. Each week they would ask how I was feeling and if I felt it was necessary to do anothe blood draw. I was itching, but it wasn’t to that scratching until I bled point yet so I kept putting it off. I was contracting constantly also but it was never to the point I felt I needed to go in. Then around 35 weeks I started having the extreme itching and contractions where I couldn’t breathe or move. I called the OB office and they had me come in immediately to do some blood tests. I went in had my blood drawn and saw a doctor, Kathy was out of the office that day. He checked out baby and listened to her heart. He had some concerns so he decided it’d be best to do a NST (non-stress test) over at Labor & delivery. After about an hour of being monitored Demi had failed the NST and needed an ultrasound. With each contraction her heart rate would either drop or get lost on the monitor. On the ultrasound she looked okay and they estimated her to weigh approximately 6 pounds. With my constant contracting they were nervous to send me home from the hospital. Finally they agreed to let me go, but first they wanted to check my cervix. The nurse came in and started checking me. Then she stopped and was a little shocked. She told me I was dilated to a 4 and about 60% effaced, she strongly recommended I stay at the hospital because she felt baby was coming very soon. Knowing how my pregnancy went with Addie I still chose to go home, since I had another baby to take care of still. So I went home and continued the contracting and itching for a couple more days. A couple days later on October 15th I went in to see Kathy. She said my bloodwork came back and my bile acids and liver enzymes had came back elevated confirming that I had choleostasis again. She said for the baby’s safety they needed to induce me at 37 weeks if baby didn’t come on her own by then. I was set to come back the next Monday October 22nd and from there would set my induction date. I was a little shocked that I would be meeting our little one so soon, but was happy to have her out of me instead of inside me with bile pumping through her tiny body. I left the doctors and hurriedly starting searching for all the necessities for a new baby. I wasn’t expecting her for 4 more weeks so I hadn’t bought a single thing! 


The next day I received a call from Kathy asking if I could come in and see her on Thursday to get my blood work done again so we could have updated results by Monday. Of course I agreed and came back in on Thursday. They drew my blood and sent me to labor and delivery for another non stress test. Right as I was about to leave the hospital, Kathy entered my room. She had visited with the other doctors and they all agreed that it was safest for baby to be born as soon as possible so she set my induction date for Tuesday October 23rd at 8 am. 


The weekend flew by and the next thing I knew we were on our way to the hospital to have a baby! We got there around 7:50 and went in. After about an hour of prepping they started me on Pitocin at about 8:50. I had a feeling that the Pitocin wouldn’t do much for me as it hadn’t with Addie and I told the nurse I would LOVE to have my water broken. She said that Kathy wanted to wait for a bit to see if we could get things going with the Pitocin and then she’d give me the epidural and break my water. Well hours went by and my contractions would start then stop. They had the Pitocin cranked up yet NOTHING was happening. I literally was having wimpy back labor that wasn’t making me dilate. Around 4:30 pm Kathy had the anesthesiologist come down and prep me for the epidural. She figured my labor would go very quickly once she broke my water. But here was the thing with the epidural. With Addie I was in ALOT of pain by the time I got the epidural and was contracting all through it that I didn’t even hardly feel it! Now with Demi I was in like no pain - like a 1 or maybe 2 on the 1-10 scale. So this time the epidural HURT! The anesthesiologist started putting it in and finally got it in and realized he had hit a blood vessel so had to pull it all the way back out and start all over again. I genuinely thought I was going to pass out, and then to make things better as he was putting it in the second time his phone started to ring. Whoever was trying to get ahold of him wouldn’t give up so finally one of the nurses had to come around and take his phone from his pocket and answer it. After he got the epidural in the second time, it was more on my right side so he had to move it to the center which was so uncomfortable I about jumped off the bed. Finally it was in and they started the drugs. I had been chilly all day so when the epidural started working it made my body so warm and I instantly was about 10 times happier than I had been all day! At around 4:45 pm, Kathy came in and broke my water. Brady and I sat there visiting and laughing and having a wonderful time as my body worked it’s birthing magic. About and hour later, Kathy came back to check me. I was at a 10, but not fully effaced. Through the whole day I had a nurse, a student nurse, a Resident Doctor, a student Resident, and my OB doctor helping us through the process so we had a BUSY room. After my pain free hour I began to feel pressure, like lots of pressure. I was trying to breathe through the pain/pressure and then finally begged the nurse to go get my doctors to check me as I was pretty sure the baby was about to come out on it’s own. Kathy and the resident came running in. The resident checked me and said the baby was seriously about to come out! They hurried and scrubbed up and prepped the room. They all got ready and Kathy told me to push. I am not kidding when I say it took TWO pushes for Demi to be enter this world! I started pushing and then went to take a break and they all were yelling, “keep pushing!!! Come on just one more!” I was a little confused as I figured it would be the same as Addie where I pushed and pushed, but I breathed in deep and gave one final push. Out she came with a nice loud cry. Once again I got to feel that amazing sensation of bringing a child into this world. I started giggling with tears in my eyes, they clipped the cord and laid the tiny baby on my chest. Brady leaned over us just staring at his new baby, both of instantly in love and feeling so lucky that she was ours. Once again I had excessive bleeding so as I laid there with my baby they continued to work to stop the bleeding.


After not being able to eat ALL day I made Brady call room service and order me a huge chicken sandwich with a basket of fries. They left Demi on me for about and hour and a half and then they took her to weigh her. She was a wonderful 6 pounds 8 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. She was a 8 on the APGAR scale which was wonderful for being early.


I truly believe that I had one of the dreamiest delivery’s you can have! I honestly didn’t feel hardly any pain compared to my delivery with Addie since I got the epidural before they even broke my water. Plus she came out in TWO minutes. If you can’t tell I still am a little in shock of that myself! Kathy offered to teach Brady how to deliver a baby because she said if my water breaks on it’s own in the future I definitely won’t make it to the hospital in time! 


So that’s the story of our second sweet little ones birth. I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences with my daughters and I would love to hear yours! Just send me an email ( ) with your story, some images, your full names, and Instagram handle if you have one! We have lots of stories to share with you so make sure to check back in each night for some wonderful reads!