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In the morning when I sit down with a cup of coffee and open Instagram one of the first “stories” that appears in my feed is always the fabulous Jessica Oakes. No fail will she have me chuckling along with her at something she’s explaining or sharing from her everyday life. Her sunny disposition and great personality are only two of the many reasons I am excited to be featuring her in my “Meet the Mama” blog post today.


Jessica was raised in Orange County, California until the age of 15 when her family moved up to Boise, Idaho. Where she has remained ever since (except a couple years in Utah for college). When asked who some of her strongest influences in her childhood were she said, “ My biggest influences were probably my Mom and Grandma. There was a period in my life after my biological Father walked out of our lives, where we - my Mom, Grandma, sister and I lived together before the most incredible Step Dad stepped in -while it was brief it was the beginning of something. They both taught me independence, kindness and overall strength, which little did I know would be a huge part of who I am today. I contribute almost all of my success to their example. I’d also say, having the trials that I did from my biological Father leaving made me who I am also, they were by far some of the hardest years of my life - but it gave me the strength to overcome and push through almost anything.” 

Later in her life Jess was set up on a blind date by a couple of her friends. Her date, Marcus, showed up in some super tight skinny jeans and blared some scream-o music all the way to Primo’s Pizza. Initially she wasn’t a huge fan of this character, and was a little taken-a-back by his nonchalant ability to do his own thing; but he cast his skinny jean scream-o magic spell on her and she ended up falling in love. Marcus and Jessica dated for about 7 months, but they both knew that they were the better half to each other and decided to tie the knot. Jess is the “queen of surprises” so Marcus proposed to her in a random parking lot so he could catch her off guard (he succeeded). 


When I asked Jessica what her favorite characteristic of Marcus was she said, “His patience and love for our little girl and I. He’s seriously the most incredible guy, especially for a girl with “Daddy issues” - he stepped in, taught me trust and showed me the most special kind of love. I mean honestly, I might give him a lot of crap - but I hit the dang jackpot with him.”

One of the topics Jessica speaks out about is infertility. She was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which overall means she has trouble ovulating and her doctors are unable to get to either with different medications. So with their first they tried everything under the sun, besides IVF, to get pregnant. Finally when they began to buckle and decided to start the IVF process Jess took a pregnancy test. To her surprise there was the FAINTEST little line on it. She called her doctor and they had her come in for bloodwork since they would have to do it anyway for the IVF and there were the results - she was pregnant! 


Her pregnancy with their first daughter wasn’t too bad. She explained that she was nauseous and tired, but only threw up once. After a wonderful 9 months they welcome their sweet daughter Blake into the world. She is the light of her parents world. Jess said, “She’s the sweetest little girl. She is outgoing, like me - but looks JUST like her Daddy! It’s fun to see the two of us mixed in her. She’s definitely got sass, but she also has this kindness about her that makes my heart so dang happy.”

Recently Jess and Marcus announced that with the help of IVF they are now expecting another little Oakes to join their family. This pregnancy has been much harder as unlike her first Jess explained, “I don’t know if it’s because I am on all these hormones as well because of IVF or what, but I’ve been VERY nauseous, constantly throwing up, EXHAUSTED, and just weak. So we are in for a ride and hopefully it dies down a little after the first trimester.”


Not only do they have another little one coming this year, but they also started a Podcast. It is called Check-In With MO/JO, and it’s HYSTERICAL! If you enjoy having a little laugh, some great husband/wife back and forth, and straight up honesty, then this is the podcast for you.  Jess said the idea of the podcast had been something they had been discussing for like two years. They finally made the decision that they either need to start the podcast or stop talking about it and voila here they are with their podcast. For them it’s a fun space for them to be themselves, be real, raw, and funny. 


Some of you reading this blog may already be following along on the Oakes journey on Instagram. Jess has quite a large following of people watching them go about their silly daily lives, she said her favorite part of being a blogger/influencer is, “hands down meeting all the incredible women that I have. It’s so fun to see others in your same moments of life and connect on that level. I’ve loved that. It’s also a huge passion of mine - I’ve kept a journal since I was 6 years old, so being able to basically write and “journal” is just a dream. Does that mean it’s all fun and games? Nah. HA! There are definitely hard moments and I work a ton, but I do love being able to do something that is a passion.”

As most of you know this is my first post in the “Meet the Mama” series. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Jessica and her adorable (and hilarious) family, and putting this little post together to share with you all. You can follow the Oakes as they go about life at .

Through this series I am hoping to help spread knowledge of different struggles we face, and also some of the exciting journeys we all are on. So thank you for reading and I can’t wait to share more beautiful mama’s with you all.

If you would like to be featured in my “Meet the Mama” series feel free to contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Much Love,

Josie Hiivala