Changing with the seasons...

If you have been following along with my blog from the beginning you will notice that we have had a complete makeover in the last couple days. We went from one mama to many and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed trying to keep up photo collabs, blog posts, and meet the makers. So sadly the personal side of Raising Littles With Love was becoming more neglected. After a little soul searching I decided it would be best for myself and the blog if I opened it up to the idea of bringing some new writers on board. Not even 24 hours later I had a whole passel of writers on board and another blog merging with mine! It all went so smoothly I still am at a loss for words.

I posted on Facebook about being on the lookout for more writers to join me when Gianna with Fern & Lavender blog responded. She had recently been offered a new job and was worried she wouldn’t be able to dedicate the time necessary to her blog about Small Shops. She wanted to keep her dream alive, but needed help. So there we were, both in need of help and both blogging our hearts out about small shops. We decided to merge Fern & Lavender with Raising Littles. Gianna would be able to continue blogging and supporting small shops while she begins her new job and I would have another blogger to help share about the small shop world.

After we got the merging figured out I continued on my journey of finding writers to help with the more personal side of Raising Littles. Much to my disbelief I received an overwhelming amount of interest - and after carefully reviewing and reading through each writers stories and examples I selected a few who I felt would relate to our readers. You can meet all these beautiful mamas on the Our Team Page. They all have such unique voices and wonderful stories to share.

So just like that my one mama blog became a team of mamas working together creating blog posts, supporting each other, and loving small shops. I hope you all enjoy and embrace these changes as much as I am. This truly has been a dream come true and a thrilling experience.

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