Confident Motherhood - A brand with a purpose

When I heard about the purpose that drives Confident Motherhood I was instantly hooked. I had the chance to chat with Elsie, the founder of Confident Motherhood, and it may have been one of the most inspiring interviews I have done. I learned so much more about the brand and the wonderful mama behind it - trust me she is fabulous! Before I started interviewing her I thought as a new customer coming to see this shop what would I want to know? And as a small shop supporter you know there is always someone breaking their back behind the scenes to make it all work; so here is your chance to get to know the brand and the mama all in one reading.

My main curiosity coming into the interview was the backstory behind Confident Motherhood and what drove Elsie to start it. Which she thoroughly and so beautifully explained to me.

While on bedrest she started her first brand, Shiloh Z Boutique, making simple bows. This turned into a passion and she began creating clothing for little ones. For three amazing years she helped the brand grow and flourish. It was featured in magazines, the Today Show, and showcased on multiple celebrities. Through it all she still felt as though something was missing. “I had somehow lost myself; and my journey in motherhood had been changing. I was giving a lot of hours to do all the sewing, and I felt like I needed to change my focus. My kids needed me more. My family needed me more, but ultimately I NEEDED MYSELF more.” Elsie explained. The tipping point for Elsie was when her son came to her during one of her late-night sewing sessions and asked her, “Mom, do you have time to play with me?” It crushed her and made her question what she was doing, realizing she had lost herself in the process of it all. She made the decision then to take a break to enjoy being a mother, a wife, and to focus on finding herself again. She decided to start a blog and with the help of her husband came up with the name, Confident Motherhood. The blog went on for a year, but she didn’t find the time to write much. While on the break she realized they needed to shift the focus of the business. “I wanted to help women, and not just near me. I yearned to help women and that is how Confident Motherhood came about.”

As a mother myself I know how easy it is to lose yourself and lose touch with what is important. It amazes me how she had the courage to push the limits and find a way to help other women and not only herself. After this question I wanted to know more about Elsie - the creator/mama/wife. So, I asked her to introduce herself to everyone and tell us what Confident Motherhood means to her.

She continued, “I am a total introvert; I can type and write and love to express myself in writing, however, placed in a room full of people I’ll be shy at first. I may know someone and not necessarily quickly approach them because I tend to like my own space; in my time type of thing.” Elsie has been married 9 years to wonderful man, who loves her unconditionally and supports her journey as if it were his own. Helping run her brand and working together building church ministries. She has 3 beautiful children, her eldest son is her husband’s, but she loves him as her own as he has never met his mom. In a heart wrenching and terrifying ordeal Elsie lost their first baby and almost lost her life through a rare ectopic pregnancy. On the way into the operating room she signed documents for a hysterectomy, but with gods’ blessings they were able to restore some and she was left with one tube. Miraculously they were able to have 2 beautiful children together, which when having PCOS, it’s truly a miracle.


As to what Confident Motherhood means to her, she explained, “Confident Motherhood means that you may have experienced loss and we want to walk with you because guess what? I have too. Your story matters and someone needs to hear it. You may be struggling to carry your own and guess what, we did too. You may have kids and you are simply navigating a GPS without signal on most days and guess what? That’s ok. We threw ours out the window long ago. We may read a lot of books and feel prepared but each child will take us through a different journey. They will show us the way. And while it isn’t easy, we can navigate it confidently. Knowing that we will make it through and raise the best possible kids we can.”

This answer explained so much to me and helped me understand the meaning behind Confident Mother even further. It made me realize that we all have our own versions of Motherhood. And in each way, we have our trials, but yet with the help of our husbands, families, friends, and each other we can make our way through this crazy journey with all its ups and downs. Which speaking our journeys, as some of you know I previously owned a small shop of my own. So, as you can imagine I was eager to hear which was her favorite part of running Confident Motherhood.

While Elsie and her family were taking a break from the shop they were presented the opportunity to send their products off to be manufactured. And not in the huge mass quantities to China like other companies. With the hopes to keep their exclusivity they have almost all their products handmade in Nicaragua by women who each have their own story to tell. Some are widows, single mothers, or mothers with kids who have disabilities; and with the circumstances they are under otherwise would not be able to provide for their families. With the purchases from Confident Motherhood, these women are able to provide for their families and now have access to education for their children. This factor is Elsie’s favorite part of Confident Motherhood. “Women helping women. There’s joy in their faces! Each stitch, made with so much love and they are so proud. I am super proud. I want to tell the world!” says Elsie.


Out of all these lovely pieces that are so carefully handcrafted, Elsie’s favorite is the Mama Dress and the Wildflower Dress. These are meant for you to match your tiny little babe. She explained her favorite part as, “We have started to try with a staple sized collection but we can custom for bigger sizes (Lord knows I need it).” Not only can you match your little girls but they also offer matching boy pieces. Making it perfect for the photo sessions we all love to share.


I would have to agree with Elsie that the Mama & Me is our favorite product in their line. The stitching is so simplistic and beautiful and the dress is perfect for all seasons!

My interview with Elsie from Confident Motherhood was much more touching and self-revealing than I thought it would be. I realized so much about motherhood and the different problems we face through the process. And hearing Elsie’s special story reminded me to be so thankful for the easy pregnancies and the darling little one (and another coming soon) that I have been blessed with! So, remember whatever you are facing in whatever stage of motherhood you are going through - do so with confidence! You are doing the best you can!

And for the review of our product- we love it! It was perfect for the summer months with the light and airy linen. It held up incredibly well with Addie’s constant buzzing in circles! I definitely will be adding this one to the clothing bin for her baby sister and we will back shopping at Confident Motherhood for more.


Now if you’ve made it this far in this blog I am much appreciative and to show you my appreciation I would like to offer you a 20% discount at Confident Motherhood! You can use the code RAISINGLITTLES20 to go support another mama and snag yourself something extraordinarily darling!