BabyWonderCrochet - Meet the Maker

This small shop community on Instagram has led me to meet a variety of women, with stories and backgrounds from all around the world. Today I want to introduce to you, Alina, the owner of BabyWonderCrochet. Her story begins in the small country of Moldova, next to Ukraine and Romania. Here she was born and raised and discovered her love for crocheting. She began with booties and eventually moved on to larger and more intricate projects, but as life went on she became busier and soon couldn’t find the time to continue her hobby. In 2008 she married the love of her life, Andrey, and not long after the wedding they made the move to America. Together they have four beautiful children, two girls and two boys, who are the inspiration behind Alina’s shop.



After the birth of her first daughter Alina was searching Ebay for a hat for her new baby, but to her dismay she was unable to find one she liked. Deciding then to just make one herself she began crocheting again. Her first hat came out unexpectedly cute, and she wanted to share her creation with other mamas. In 2010 she opened her Ebay shop which turned out to be a major success, to her surprise other mamas were loving her style, which led to her selling over 3,000 hats. After 3 wonderful years with her Ebay shop she was introduced to the world of Etsy. She opened a second shop on this platform, but didn’t start selling there until a couple years later as she was so busy with her Ebay shop. In 2016, after trying to juggle the two shops and 4 children (the first three are each only a year apart), she decided to close down her Ebay shop and focus solely on Etsy. So far this decision has been the best for her and her family.  Like most small shop mamas Alina faces the same challenge of trying to balance work and family. She does most of her orders while her children are in school or sleeping, leading to some very late nights, but to her it is worth it. The joy she finds in seeing little ones staying warm and looking adorable in her creations is the ultimate reward. She said she hopes to continue making warm accessories for little children, but hopes in the future to create some patterns to sell also. Alina herself never uses patterns, all the products she crochets are her own creations. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with as all her creations are beautiful!


Just recently Addie received one of the most adorable bonnets from Alina. The style, quality, color, and design are all beyond words. Every time we wear it its an endless barrage of compliments and asking where we purchased it. With our cold Montana weather I surely will be ordering some more BabyWonderCrochet Bonnets to keep Addies (and her new sisters) tiny little heads cozy warm.