Meet the Maker - The Threaded Arrow

Happy Tuesday to all! I would like to introduce a small shop that is almost always included in our daily attire, The Threaded Arrow. We happily had a quick conversation with the owner,Bri, about her life and her shop and wanted to share it with you all.

Everyone meet Bri, mama to Aleya (3.5) and Gracelya (2.5) and wife to Shannon. When she became a stay at home mom she picked up sewing as a hobby to help fill her time. She would sew taggy‘s and burpy‘s and when she would go to her Thirty-One open houses she would offer them to the customers and they began to purchase them.

She slowly added to the range of handmade products she was selling and with some encouragement from her sister in law decided to enter the world of Etsy late last year. From there her business has consistently been growing and her focus is now on a more select couple of products (which we love!).

When I asked her what the most challenging part of being a shop owner and mom was she said it was finding the right balance of the two jobs. To help her make sure she is spending enough time with her girls, but has alone time to get orders out she sews and works on orders during naptime. At the end of our conversation she confessed that it’s a little scary putting your handmade products out there for the world to see, but it is totally worth it. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to “know“ our lovely friend Bri and make sure to check out her shop if you get the chance!

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Addie wearing a Threaded Arrow Bow and of  course forever attached to her, a pacifier Clip.