Little Listening Ears

Last night after bringing the kids to town I walked in the door, flopped on the couch, and began telling my husband all about Addie’s ridiculous fit she threw in target. How she was screaming and trying to squish her chubby self in to the doll car, which was way too small. Then I caught myself, I was doing it again, and she was standing right next to me soaking it all in. Only understanding the part where her fits had caught my attention and how I was laughing explaining the whole scenario to her dad. I have caught myself time and time again doing this and am trying my best to curb this awful habit of mine. I know I’m not alone, as a mom you want others to hear about the exhausting day of fits or tantrums you’ve had to deal with. The only issue is when the little one is standing there listening to it all, hearing how they caught mamas attention.

Addie is almost 16 months old now, and at first I didn’t think she could understand anything I was saying since she couldn’t necessarily use words herself. I wasn’t one bit worried that she could be listening when I would talk about her funny tirades or tantrums. A couple weeks ago while sitting in my parents living room I realized she understood EVERY word. My mom and I were visiting, and Addie started screeching about her baby being stuck in her mini shopping cart. Calmly, my mom started explaining to her how to get the baby out and then to push the cart to the stairs and she would lift it up into the kitchen for her. To my surprise Addie listened to exactly what she said. Pulling the doll out and pushing the cart over to stairs and waiting for my mom. For the next couple days I talked more and more, explaining things more thoroughly to her and watching amazed as she actually followed my instructions instead of the usual screaming until someone did what she was wanting. I realized that at even such a young age, she had a reasoning brain, and could understand everything.

This is where the talking about your littles antics comes in. I have an awful habit of it, when Brady comes home each day it’s usually my first instinct to tell him all about our day, especially all the things Addie did. Now when the end of the comes I try to talk about all the nice things Addie did that day, like hugging me and saying “thank you” for getting her dressed, or how she listened so nice and took a nap in her own bed. I don’t know how much affect this really has on her, but I’m hoping some.

This is me saying I am NOT a perfect mom! This is me telling you all how lost I am in trying to figure out how to raise kids and hoping together we can help each other with ideas of how to tackle the task of raising our littles. This blog post is just one of those ideas that I’ve realized has helped me with trying to teach Addie wrong from right and to try curb those mid-target freak outs.

So next time take a minute and try think about what your telling your spouse, or friends, or mom about your littles when their around. Even when you don’t think they are listening they probably are. You are their hero, their world. They want your attention at all times even if that means they have to misbehave to get it. I realized this worked better for me and helping me trying to raise Addie to be the beautiful person I know she is and I hope this can help another parent out there who happens to come across this blog!

I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, parenting advice, or whatever! Feel free to comment or send me message!


My precious little Addie giggling away in the apple orchard!