Josie Hiivala

Hello friends! Some of you may already know me from before, but if not let me introduce myself.

In 2016, 6 months after turning 18, I married the love of my life, Brady. Shortly after I became pregnant and nine (very sickly) months later we welcomed our beautiful daughter Addie into this world. After quitting my job to be a stay at home mom I became antsy and decided to open my own small shop on Instagram. January 2018 my mom found out she had stage 3 breast cancer, and being the oldest of six kids I knew she would need extra help taking care of herself and the little ones. About 2 weeks after the diagnosis I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 and sadly made the decision to close my shop, as I couldn’t run a business while trying to care of my pregnant self and also help take care of my family. Still wanting to be apart of the small shop community I began taking photos of my daughter in small shop products in my free time and after countless comments and questions about Addie’s outfits I created a blog to share with others where they could find these adorable small shops that we were obsessed with. This is where Raising Littles With Love began. I would share our favorite shops, but also personal posts on how I was “trying” to raise my little one with love. Slowly I became busier and busier. Now today we are almost working full time taking photos for small shops and posting interviews and reviews of shops. I am so excited to begin this new step in our Raising Littles journey with this wonderful team of mamas and hope you all enjoy all the shops and stories we have to share!

P.S. Prepare to be barraged with sister photos as we prepare to welcome Addie’s baby sister in the world in just a couple weeks ;)

You can see some of our photo collab work in this gallery.

Gianna Shawley

Hi friends! I’m Gianna. You may know me from Fern & Lavender Blog. I started writing about small shops under Fern & Lavender. My goal has always been to make it easy for people to support small businesses. I recently started working from home and I was looking for how to keep the blog going when I saw Josie was looking for writers. That’s how Fern & Lavender joined with Raising Littles With Love so here I am! I’m so excited to be part of this team.

Some of my earliest memories are sneaking down to my grandparent’s basement to watch my grandfather work at his clothing shop.  I loved how I could make a unique button just by placing a scrap of fabric and some metal pieces together and pulling a lever.  I would dream about designing my own clothes and owning something unique.  Turns out that’s not my gift.  When I had my daughter, Riley, I started learning about so many darling small shops. What really drew me in was the amount of care that the makers put into the items my little girl is going to wear. It reminded me of making my grandfather’s buttons. Every single piece made with love. Now, I write about the small shops that take me back to that time.

I’m a lawyerin’, babywearin’, Jesus lovin’, cloth diaperin’, WAHM. Mama to Riley and loving every crazy minute of it.

You can check out some of our favorite photos!

Cortney Wilson

Hey friends!

I’m Cortney, single mom to my sweet boy Deyton James. He has put a whole new perspective on my future and helped me reach new limits I didn't even know were attainable.

I have always watched my sisters and mom sew, create, and craft. This made me dream of all the things I wanted to make and do, but it was always a flop. In the past 6 months I started restoring and selling furniture, exploring new healthy eating and lifestyle habits due to severe health concerns, and adjusting to mom life in all possible ways. Which we all can say is not an easy job, but definitely has its rewards. On top of all this I work full time as a Case Manager for drug and alcohol abuse in a medical setting. I’m so excited to be able to share and create.

Sarah Wolf

I’m Sarah. I was born and raised in the PNW. I’m married to my very best friend and we have two beautiful babies. I love Jesus and hate cardio. I’m trying to navigate motherhood with humor and a little healthy competition. Writing has been a lifelong dream of mine and I decided no time like the present to start pursuing my dreams.

Sarah Roberts


I am Sarah Roberts, my husband Chris and I have been married for 13 years. In those 13 years we have had many ups and downs, from welcoming our 8 children, owning our own business for a couple of years, moving to a new state, and plenty of other things. I always dreamed of being a wife and mother to many even though it comes with a multitude of challenges. I have always had a creative side, even though I am busy with my kids I still like to find time for sewing/woodworking projects. I recently started thinking about starting my own blog to help support our growing family and to help me fill my days. Around the same time Josie was on the lookout for new writers for her team and I jumped at the chance to be able to work among this wonderful group of women.

Kamillia Kelley

Hey, friends! My name is Kamillia and I’m one of the newest additions to Raising Littles. I’m a Pacific Northwest native filled with a passion for supporting small/local businesses, learning more about healthy living, parenting, sharing knowledge, and lifting others up.

In 2008, I decided that I wanted to become a journalist. Amidst the struggles of foster care, high school, mental health challenges, and the overall whirlwind of life, my dream of writing was lost in the chaos. In 2012, I started dating the love of my life. Since then we’ve gotten married, moved over 5 times, welcomed our rainbow baby, and we’ve achieved so much more. Now in, 2018, we’ve finally settled a bit and I’ve been blessed by my hard working husband with the title of Stay-at-Home Mom. My days consist of doing things I love which include raising our daughter, caring for my (grand)mother, writing, occasionally nannying, supporting small businesses, and keeping up my household.

Becoming part of Raising Littles is such an honor because not only do I get to work amongst other amazing women, but because I get to write for such an amazing audience.

I’m so excited to share more with you all, to represent some amazing small businesses, and to learn from all of you.


Liz Merlino

Hey Friends! Im Liz, and I’m raising my beautiful babies with my husband here in the great PNW. We have three littles-a two year old boy, and twin 11 month old girls! It’s a crazy wild ride, but you couldn’t get me off for nothin’. My husband and I are high school sweethearts and we are quite literally LIVING THE DREAM. My heart belongs to him, but my soul belongs to snowy winter nights. I tackle most of day solo, and it can get quite interesting. I’ve been wanting an outlet to share my thoughts on everyday motherhood challenges and successes and I’m so excited to have found this team! I hope some of what I share resonates with you all!

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